Gothic Disney Princess Costumes

You need a costume for a party, a Goth party, something cool, something you – how about a Gothic Princess Costume? Elegant, beautiful, and Goth too – what more do you need?

There is a costume company that has a terrific selection of Goth costumes available. While there are no costumes marked specifically Gothic Princess, there are plenty of disney princess costumes to choose from that have the sense of royalty, elegance, and rich extravagance that you’d expect in a princess’ outfit. So let’s get down to details – here’s some suggestions suitable for a Gothic princess costume:


gothic countess

This Countess Nocturna Adult costume provides an elegant ensemble for the

Gothic elite featuring a fitted black bodice with lace-up ribbons in the back, allowing you to adjust the bodice to fit your body. rich purple accents and lace-up ribbons in the back.

The sweeping satin skirt includes rich purple accents (and what color says “royalty” more than purple?) with sewn-in stays to ensure goth wigthat the look of the dress remains intact as you wear it.


To further accent the richness of the dress, the costume includes exquisitely crafted plum crushed velvet finger less gloves with elegant black lace accents. This costume is available in large adult size. Please note that the wig is not included. However, the Gothic Countess Wig is available separately.

You can accessorize these costumes with properly Gothic jewelry, headpieces, and other accessories. If you really want to play the part of a Gothic Princess then after getting your costume, you can check out How to be Goth and How to Dress Goth for tips on how to fit in better with this thriving and long-lived subculture.

For the best Halloween nails ever, check out this video!


Princess Costumes For Every Little Girl

disney princesses

Every little girl loves to dress up as a princess!  This Halloween your child has lots of choices, beginning with perennial favorites Cinderella and Ariel from the Little Mermaid, and for the more adventurous, an asian princess in a kimono, a la Mulan!

disney princesses

There are many princesses to choose from, of course.  Disney has a whole page of princesses in one place.  Other choices include Cinderella, Ariel in The Little Mermaid (the Hans Christian Anderson story is not as happy), Mulan (who is based on a chinese legend), and Sleeping Beauty.